Our Mission

The Baddour Center is dedicated to providing a model residential community for adults with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities in an environment that promotes maximum growth intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally and vocationally.

Our Vision

The Baddour Center is committed to giving men and women the opportunity for lives of dignity, joy and hope. Through the dedication and support of family and friends, residents accomplish goals, enjoy lifelong friendships, and realize their greatest potential in every area of life.

Our Philosophy

While The Baddour Center’s mission has remained consistent since its inception, so has its basic philosophy that faith, hope, love, and hard work are necessary to make this ministry a reality. As an organization associated with the United Methodist Church, we will strive to operate in a manner consistent with its philosophies and purpose. 

  • We will lead by example in all we do and practice the “Golden Rule,” treating others as we want to be treated. 
  • We will strive to exemplify high moral, ethical, and professional character in all we do. 
  • We will work to be leaders in the field of intellectual disabilities and to help every resident reach his or her highest potential. 
  • We will strive for optimum productivity and efficiency in our jobs, with a hands-on management approach and attention to detail. 
  • While working diligently and conscientiously to secure the needs of this ministry, we will face the future with enthusiasm and a strong belief in the sufficiency of God’s provision.


Originally called Baddour Memorial Center, the Baddour family opened The Baddour Center's doors on December 8, 1978.


Code of Ethics

The privacy and ethical atmosphere for residents, their families, staff, and visitors is important to us.



The Board of Trustees is a volunteer-based team that works with staff to efficiently run The Baddour Center, as well as plan for its future.


Career and Internship Opportunities

The Baddour Center offers various career and internship opportunities.


Find out more about how your son, daughter, family member, or friend can live at The Baddour Center.