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Building the Best Life Campaign

Did you know that the majority of the homes on our campus were built in the late-1970s and that the majority have never undergone significant renovation? You can imagine that over 40 years later – and the wear and tear of up to 12 residents coming and going – these homes are in need of a major overhaul. 

Thus, we embarked to strategically create a Master Plan with a central focus: residential living. Like our mission, residents are the heart of everything we do at The Baddour Center, so naturally, they are the heart of every decision we make for the Master Plan, which was created in 2017.

We consider ourselves blessed that the quality of work done when we first opened is one of the reasons we have been able to sustain as long as we have; however, resident homes are not only looking “tired” but also in need of better electrical and plumbing, showers that are easier to walk into, more space to socialize and cook, and of top priority – single bedrooms so that residents have their own private space to retreat! 

Although we began working as early as 2018 on some campus-wide aspects of the Master Plan, we formally introduced in mid-2019 our new “Building the Best Life” campaign with a groundbreaking ceremony at the site where two new homes are being constructed.  While the 2020 pandemic forced us to re-adjust our timelines, it has not dampened our spirits or excitement about renovating and building homes.  Through our Master Plan, we march toward giving our already beautiful campus an updated look. 

With a goal to raise $15 million, we are grateful to all whom have already partnered to make this best life for residents a reality through our soft opening of the capital campaign, but we are now asking YOU to help us get to our final goal.

How Your Donation Helps

With your donation, we can continue to provide peace of mind for loved ones and families and the opportunity to thrive for those with disabilities. An improved community is under construction, and the more funds we can raise, the more homes and amenities we can provide for residents. Please consider a one-time or recurring donation of any size today.

Donate Now

Thanks to generous donors like you, here’s what we’ve been able to raise.

Total Progress

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Our Progress

Our initial action phase of the Master Plan began in 2018, and we are proud to report that we have already completed these tasks throughout campus:

  • Installed parkway lighting and planted 73 street trees along our major thoroughfare to create a safer and more inviting community experience.
  • Repaved all major campus roads, including all three public entries.  We will repave all residential coves upon home renovation completion.
  • Replaced overhead lighting in campus buildings to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, including Administration Building, Community Life Building, and GoodWorks Complex II.
  • Updated the Administration Building with new front doors, painted brick, new shutters, and more efficient windows.
  • Better utilized available space in GoodWorks Complex II by creating an administrative suite.
  • Renovated the Baddour Memorial Chapel, as well as the Sturrup Building which serves as home base for the CLIMB Program.
  • Updated thermal systems throughout campus to improve energy efficiency.
  • Redesigned and landscaped both primary, public entries.

Help us build

Will you help us build the best life for residents of The Baddour Center?

Residents have been the heart of our mission since we opened the first home in December of 1978, and they continue to be today as we renovate the homes on our campus. 

We need your help to continue creating an environment where residents can thrive! We want the men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder who call The Baddour Center home to experience the same joy and confidence of walking into a beautiful, safe, comfortable house as you and I do, but we can’t do it without you. 

To find out more, contact: Madison Drake 662.366.6905 / or Parke Pepper 662.366.6920 /