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Housing Options for Special Needs Adults | Baddour Center

Housing Options for Adults with Special Needs Whether your loved one requires round-the-clock care and supervision or they are able to complete most tasks independently, there are different types of housing options available. 1. Independent Living Facilities + Group Residential Centers Independent living facilities and group homes for individuals with special needs are one of the most convenient and desirable options for adults with special needs and their families. In addition to... Read More
Posted by Cassie Smith at Wednesday, October 17, 2018

New Year, More Decisions

A brand new year. It’s that time of year when the holiday season is over and there’s white space in our calendars to work on new goals. Honestly, for me, it’s a fresh start filled with hope that I will get things done this year…without procrastinating! Sometimes, it’s the getting started part that seems overwhelming for me; after that, I can get in a groove and knock out tasks. With that thought in mind, I want to help those of you who are looking for group... Read More
Posted by Cassie Smith at Thursday, December 28, 2017