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Everyone Is Blessed

At home over the holiday, I was reflecting on Baddour Center. This is a recurring reflection… I never cease to be amazed, and humbled, by others’ generosity to this ministry.  I confess the reflection is more intense toward year-end due to the often-overwhelming support people show Baddour. 

When I returned this week to the office, I found the following quote in one of many emails:    "When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed" – Maya Angelou. 

Upon reading, I immediately recalled this reflection and thought Ms. Angelou’s words efficiently and effectively cover it. Expressing as a math formula: cheerful giving + grateful accepting = blessing for everyone. 

The phrase “everyone is blessed” is what really sticks with me. We are all blessed by this place.  The persons served. The persons serving. The persons who give to support these. The countless persons who in some way are also touched by these, whether it be through a nurtured plant or a hand-prepped package, or through beautiful song or a simple conversation.  We are all blessed by this place.

We offer thanks to everyone for cheerful giving, and we hope you find us to be very grateful “accepters.” We also hope you will agree that there is blessing for everyone, thanks to you. 

Posted by Parke Pepper at 11:21