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Background on Buzz

Frank “Buzz” McPherson, Jr. was born in Michigan in 1942 and later moved to Florida with his family.  Buzz had an incredibly active and supportive family that wisely recognized he could not achieve all of his life goals living at home with his parents.  So, they searched the country for what they thought was the perfect fit; and, in 1979,  Buzz moved to Baddour Center, becoming one of its first residents. 

Buzz at Baddour

For the next 32 years, Buzz regarded Baddour Center as his home away from home.  Buzz became a fixture, a celebrity here…everyone knew him.  He took full advantage of the broad life and activities that the Center offers residents.  Buzz worked.  Buzz played.  Buzz worshipped.  Buzz drove all over campus, wearing out three golf carts in the process.  Buzz made many friends.   

While Buzz’s charm, compassion, and zeal for life never tired, his body later naturally slowed, resulting in a move to the Buckman Enrichment Home.  Buzz and, more so, his family were the catalysts for our formal pursuit of a higher care level for aging residents so that they might safely and comfortably age in place.  Buzz left Baddour Center literally months before Enrichment was licensed as Baddour’s first assisted living facility.  From his first day to past his last, Buzz challenged and inspired Baddour to up its game so that he (and his friends) could experience more out of life.

Building the Best Life

As if Buzz’s life itself weren’t inspiring enough, Buzz and his family contributed significantly to “Building The Best Life,” including the campaign’s seed gift, recognizing and investing in the Center’s ability to provide well-rounded and fruitful lives.  Their gifts, along with yours, enable us to help shape and grow residents into all that God intends for them to be.  Today, your gifts specifically help us build, improve, and foster the environments where some of life’s most valuable lessons are taught and learned – in the home.  

For just over two years, Baddour Center has been building and improving residents’ homes.  In 2021, we opened two new homes and fully renovated and re-opened three existing homes.  Our ambitious goal is to do it all “in one fell swoop,” moving from project to project without ceasing until complete. 

We hope you will join us in this effort. Be like Buzz! Inspire residents to live their best lives by making a donation today.

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