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Chapel Repairs

Chapel Features

Baddour Memorial Chapel, one of the original and possibly the most iconic building on our campus. Located in the center of our nearly 120-acre campus, it sits on a slight hill so that it’s visible as you drive into campus. Its centrality is not just a physical location but a mental, emotional, spiritual location as well.

Members of the Baddour family, who founded our organization, chose – with intention – to be a faith-based organization. This aspect is one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors, so to speak, today. Going to Chapel on Sunday is an option for residents, which we feel is an important opportunity for them to experience their most well-rounded, meaningful lives.

The building’s features also point to the Creator.

As you walk up the front stairs, you see a water fountain with an interlocking ring art structure in its center, which was installed when the Chapel was built and continues to remind us of the connection between our physical and spiritual cycles – no matter our skills or disabilities – and our need for Living Water in order to spend eternity in Heaven.

There is also a memorial plaque for Paul Baddour, who left money in his will with a bequest to his family to do something for a charitable purpose. God knew the domino effect that these funds and this family would create when He led them to establish The Baddour Center. Its mission has benefitted hundreds of men and women who have called Baddour “home” throughout the past 44 years and provided comfort for their families who have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are happy, safe, and independent.

Additionally, there is a plaque with the names of former residents who have passed away, all of whom left an imprint on the hearts of their families, fellow residents, and staff.

When you open the double front doors of the Chapel, your eyes are drawn to the back wall of the alter where there is a stained-glass window designed specifically for The Baddour Center. The artist created it with intentional flaws, proving that imperfect humans are still a beautiful masterpiece, especially when we come together as one body to reflect God’s glory. How significant that is to all of us, but particularly to Baddour residents who in decades past were tagged as “disabled” instead of being recognized for the talents and gifts they were given when God knit them together in their mothers’ wombs.

Necessary Repairs

Today, we need your help to meet an unexpected, unavoidable expense: repairs to the Baddour Memorial Chapel for $9,400!

Roof leaks around the old cupola/bell tower have been repaired numerous times over the years but never fully resolved the issue.  Consequently, the ceiling and carpet inside continued to show evidence of leaks.  Mike Watermeier, an architect and Baddour’s maintenance consultant, climbed to the roof to observe the structure. Because the roofing materials were compromised and the wood cupola footings were rotten, he recommended to remove or replace the cupola. 

Leadership agreed the Chapel is an iconic building and must not only look attractive but also most importantly, function correctly, so the decision was made to replace the cupola.

The Baddour Center commissioned AERC, PLLC of Hernando, Miss., to generate drawings for a new cupola, and owner Doug Thornton agreed to take on the project. Much to our surprise, when plans were complete, he donated his services for the drawing.  What a blessing Doug’s architectural talent and heart is to The Baddour Center!

Following the completion of the drawings, Watermeier researched and recommended a building material that could endure the elements by which a new cupola could be constructed.  He suggested fiberglass and had a contact for fabrication. Thus, he reached out, and the quote came back at $46,000!  This was totally out of reach for our budget.

Continuing to seek a solution, Watermeier sent the plans to his son-in-law, Bennet Slater of Slater Lumber and Millworks, LLC in Memphis, Tenn., to ask for his professional opinion. Slater designed a way to construct the cupola and paint it with a special paint that will endure the elements, as well as a specific waterproofing membrane that will be installed over it prior to shingles. 

Slater then agreed to build and install the new cupola for us for $9,400. Yet another blessing for The Baddour Center!

The cupola fabrication is complete, and we are anxiously awaiting weather conditions to permit it being installed. 

How YOU can help

Will you help us meet this unexpected, unavoidable expense so that residents can continue worshiping at Baddour Memorial Chapel? The building is one of the most iconic buildings on our beautiful campus, and it is home to unique pieces of art created just for The Baddour Center, memorial plaques and most importantly, the place where residents have the opportunity to worship the King of Kings.

Thank you in advance for your gift for this project. You will be another blessing that we can thank God for today!

Please note that anything above the $9,400 raised will go toward our Annual Fund, which covers the costs of the programs and services for residents.