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Disabled Communities Around the Country

Disabled Communities Around the Country

Our team at Baddour Center is committed to providing adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder with significant opportunities to thrive and contribute to society. Whether you are staying with us at Baddour Center or are looking to pull up stakes and move across the country, we want to help to provide you with the tools and resources you may need to find the right fit for your loved one with disabilities. With intentional communities for those with disabilities across the country, there are a multitude of opportunities for your loved one to stay involved with individuals their age and/or who are going through the same life experiences. Here are some of the premier special needs communities and their amenities:

Live-Work-Play Communities for Special Needs Adults

Through educational programs, social gatherings, and career training, live-work-play communities give adults with special needs the opportunities they need to become productive members of society. These communities live out what it means to serve adults with intellectual or developmental differences in the best ways possible. There are more than 40 live-work-play communities, including The Baddour Center, around the country. We love referring individuals to the Autism Housing Network’s interactive map that allows you to view different types of intentional communities all across the United States. 

At The Baddour Center, we want you to find the best place for your loved one(s). You, their family, know the person the best, so it’s important that you help them to find the best possible community for them- one that provides the support and safety that he or she needs, engaging opportunities he or she will find enjoyable, and a life he or she will find meaningful.

Disabled Communities in the West

If you are currently living or looking to move out West, there are ample opportunities for your loved one to stay involved in a live-work-play community similar to Baddour Center. California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico are home to several communities that provide safe and loving environments. A few of these facilities are:

  • Ridgeview Place
  • Next Step Strategies, Inc.
  • ABIA Ranch
  • Rainbow Acres
  • Mandy’s Farm
  • Tall Tale’s Ranch

Disabled Communities in the Midwest

The Midwest is also home to a large number of live-work-play communities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. You can find these communities in states like Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. No matter where you are in the Midwest, there is a perfect community fit for your loved one to thrive. Midwest disabled communities include:

  • Erik’s Retreat
  • CASS Housing
  • Stepping Stones, Inc.

Disabled Communities in the South

Home to Baddour Center and other incredible live-work-play communities, the South has many different housing options for your loved one. Whether you are in our home state, Mississippi, or surrounding areas, we are sure you will find a loving and supportive community. You can find group homes in Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Each of these disabled communities continues to provide their residents with educational and career opportunities for the future.

Baddour Center Live-Work-Play Community

Here at the Baddour Center, we are passionate about serving individuals with intellectual disabilities by providing each of them with the chance to live meaningful lives. Although we offer supervised living homes (often referred to as group homes), our campus is structured with multiple other buildings to meet residents’ needs and desires, much like a college campus. A few advantages of living at Baddour Center are:

  • Learning Opportunities
  • On-Campus Health Clinic

Disabled Communities in the Northeast

Similar to other regions of the United States, the Northeast also offers many different live-work-play communities to live in. From New Hampshire to Pennsylvania, there are group homes to accommodate your loved ones with special needs. A few are:

  • Triform Camphill Community
  • Visions for Creative Housing Solutions
  • Gersh Experience
  • Pathfinder Village
  • The Center of Discovery

What are the benefits of living in a community for special needs adults?

If you are looking for housing for your special needs loved ones, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It’s important to consider what they may need in order to thrive in a community of others who are going through similar challenges. We believe intentional communities are a great option in order to provide a stable and supportive atmosphere for those living with disabilities. These communities, often generally referred to as group homes, come with a variety of benefits, including:

Educational Opportunities

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities often still desire to pursue learning academic subjects and interests, whether in training outlets, such as continuing education classes, or independent living skills in natural environments. From improved reading and cooking to money management and independent living skills, residents at Baddour Center can continue their education, often participating in the Skills for Achieving Independent Living (SAIL) program.

Recreational Facilities

Health and wellness programs are one of the most important things to consider when choosing a community for your loved one with special needs. Baddour Center provides each of the residents with the opportunity to participate in on- and off-campus recreational activities while building bonds with those around them. A few recreational activities residents enjoy are:

Medical Care

As a family member of an adult with special needs, you always want to be sure your loved one is being taken care of in every way. With on-site medical care at Baddour Center, you can have peace of mind knowing that our expert staff and health care providers are working to keep all of the residents safe and healthy. 


One of the greatest features of intentional communities is that the men and women live among peers, not mom and dad's friends, and create a meaningful life they can call their own. They are given the unique opportunity to build community with others with similar interests and skill levels who may be experiencing the same challenges. Although it’s important to spend time with family and friends, it’s also great to interact with peers in order to build friendships and social skills. 

Baddour Center offers residents a variety of ways to stay involved in their community, including The Miracles, performing and creative arts, and music therapy. We give residents the freedom to choose what they want to do, within reason. They are free to take strolls or ride their bicycles around campus, go fishing, or hang out with friends. They have a Resident Government Association of elected peers, and they advise the staff what recreational activities- both on- and off-campus- that they would like to see on the monthly Community Life calendar. 

Job Opportunities

Having a job is one of the best ways to foster independence and intellectual growth in an adult with special needs. At Baddour Center, we have worked to provide residents with job opportunities to interact with peers, learn new skills, and earn a paycheck. The Baddour Garden Center and Custom Packaging Center are two of the ways we help residents find job opportunities. 

Live, Learn, Work, Worship, and Play at Baddour Center

Adults with special needs all across the world need a safe place to live and thrive. In an LWP community, your disabled loved one has the opportunity to learn new skills, further education, socialize with peers, and more. At Baddour Center, we believe in providing a safe environment where residents can live, learn, work, worship, and play. To schedule a tour of our campus or for more information about our programs, contact us today!

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