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Employee Service and Happy Thanksgiving

We aim to accomplish three things with this post.   

First, we want to formally recognize and thank 17 Baddour Center employees whom were recognized late last week during our annual Employee Recognition Service.  These employees include:  Bonnie Alexander and Zach Shackleford – 5 years; Venois Boyce, Julie Hanks, Earlene Holts, Regina Hudson, Constance Reed, Lacey Thornton, Henry Till, Cindy Trainum, and Linette Walters – 10 years; Rosie Bland – 15 years; Armer Ramsey – 20 years; Shannon Adams and Grace Barlow – 25 years; Kristi Webb – 30 years; and, last but not least, Robert Blount – 35 years.  There are many years of collective service among this bunch.  We’re grateful for your commitment to Baddour Center and your effort on the job and your faithfulness to the residents.  We thank you, and we appreciate you!      

Second, we encourage you to check out the November edition of Desoto Magazine via this link –   There’s a great article about Baddour in it, and we’re trying to spread the word.      

Third, and lastly, we want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  We are thankful for the residents and their families.  We are thankful for those who partner with us and serve in some capacity, appreciating your time, talent, and treasure.  We are thankful for those who provide work and job opportunities for the residents.  We are thankful for your prayers.  We are absolutely thankful for this place and count all of you reading this among our many blessings.  


Posted by Mary Algee at 8:00 AM