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Local church embraces Baddour residents

The Baddour Center is happy to announce that Independence United Methodist Church has reached out to Baddour residents by inviting them to join a Sunday School program at the church.

“We are thrilled about the church’s willingness to do this and thankful for their enthusiasm,” Parke Pepper, Executive Director of The Baddour Center, said. “Welcoming these residents into the church body is an awesome thing, and the residents always love being a part of our larger community.”

Currently, around 10 residents, dubbed the Baddour Bible Bunch, are traveling to IUMC each Sunday morning to attend Sunday School and the church’s worship service. The church is graciously providing a driver to transport residents each week, and other church volunteers have also pitched in to help with the program.

Pastor Jim Glass, the pastor at IUMC and a part-time pastor at The Baddour Center, said the church’s congregation is more than happy to welcome the Bunch with open arms.

“Having the Baddour Bible Bunch at our church for the class and for the worship service is a double blessing to the church, and we are seeking to be a blessing to them too,” he said. “They’re excited to be coming, and that excitement spills over into the whole church.”

The Baddour Center is proud to be home to residents who actively pursue spiritual growth, with many attending on-campus worship services and others attending community church services each week.

If your church is interested in starting a program similar to the one initiated by IUMC, contact Melissa Baker, Baddour’s Director of Community Life, by email at or call 662.366.6917.

Posted by Natalie Troutt at 9:13 AM