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The Baddour Center Cookbook: Our Story & Why You Should Buy It

What is The Baddour Center cookbook?

The “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” cookbook is a compilation of classic recipes put together in 1979 by Mr. Charles Baddour. With more than 100,000 copies sold to date, this cookbook has continued to wow cooks and food lovers over the years. 

How did The Baddour Center cookbook start?

In 1979, Charles Baddour began to compile a collection of favorite recipes, and he was known to bring a homemade cake to residents and staff members celebrating their birthday during the first years of The Baddour Center opening. Eventually, this collection of favorites would become the Baddour Center cookbook. The cookbook is compiled of a variety of dishes but is best known for its Southern staples. Since its publishing, we’ve sold thousands of copies of the cookbook, all of which have benefited The Baddour Center over the years. The title of the book, “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” represents both the mission of The Baddour Center and our belief in Jesus Christ’s eternal nature. 

Why should you buy The Baddour Center cookbook?

The Baddour Center cookbook not only represents the impact the Baddour family has had on the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities but also represents the hundreds of individuals who have lived at and represent the Baddour Center today. There are multiple reasons why we encourage individuals to buy The Baddour Center cookbook. The cookbook is:

An Award-Winning Cookbook

Because of the success of our cookbook, it has been inducted into the Walter S. McIlhenny Hall of Fame for Community Cookbooks. With millions of cookbooks on the market, it is an incredible honor to be recognized for our compilation of homemade recipes.

A Cookbook with a Variety of Recipes

Cookbooks are often compiled of recipes for one type of occasion or for one type of cuisine. The Baddour Center cookbook, on the other hand, brings more to the table, literally. With over 1,200 recipes on over 400 pages, our cookbook offers a great selection of foods from not only the South but also from around the world. No matter what you are looking to whip up for dinner or a party, our cookbook will impress your guests. A few of the most popular sections of our cookbook include:

  • Southern home-cooked meals
  • Traditional Lebanese dishes
  • Popular Syrian recipes

A Cookbook for a Cause

It’s always exciting to purchase a new cookbook with incredible recipes. However, it’s even better when you are able to support the lives and growth of others through your purchase. Over the years, proceeds from The Baddour Center cookbook have continued to benefit the lives of our residents and team here on campus. Because of the success of traditions like our cookbook, we are able to continue providing the best care and opportunities for those who live, learn,   work, worship, and play here.

Where can you buy The Baddour Center Cookbook?

We are so grateful for the recognition our cookbook has received over the years. Because of its success, customers can purchase the cookbook on multiple platforms, but the only way to ensure The Baddour Center receives the proceeds is to buy it directly from our online store.

Life at the Baddour Center

The Baddour Center is passionate about serving residents and their families in the best way possible. Our cookbook is just one of the ways you can help benefit residents. A few other ways to stay involved at the Baddour Center are: 

We would love to connect with you! For any questions about our program and services or interests in touring our campus, contact us today!