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The Miracles: Why Book Them & How

The Miracles Choir

Who are The Baddour Center’s The Miracles?

The Miracles are the Baddour Center’s nationally-recognized choir performs both locally and around the country. Community life at the Baddour Center plays a significant role in allowing residents to participate and enjoy a multitude of activities with their peers, and The Miracles offer an opportunity for Baddour residents to join an award-winning musical ensemble. Miracles choir members must both audition and attend weekly mandatory practices.


What do The Miracles do?

The Miracles choir performs for small and large crowds in a variety of different venues both locally and across the country. Since 2013, The Miracles have traveled more than 7,000 miles for more than 50 performances to share their musical gifts with thousands of people. 

Not only do The Miracles offer great opportunities for residents at the Baddour Center, but the group also exists for a great mission: to positively represent the Baddour Center and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the nation. Our goal is to inspire others to understand the benefits of allowing individuals with disabilities to achieve their highest potential artistically, socially, intellectually, and vocationally.

Faith in Action

Here at the Baddour Center, we believe everyone has God-given gifts that can be utilized to glorify Him. This mission reflects our organizational values of respecting and supporting every individual because they are made in the image of God. The Miracles use their voices to shine a light in the darkness of our world, spread the good news of Jesus, and to glorify our Lord.

Advocate for Individuals with Disabilities

The Baddour Center exists to care for adults with disabilities by providing them with a safe space and opportunity to flourish in a unique environment. The community at the Baddour Center focuses on helping our residents grow and finding their talents along the way. Participating in The Miracles choir is just one way for residents at the Baddour Center to explore and develop their talents. 



History of The Baddour Center

The Baddour Center has served adults with intellectual disabilities since our founding in 1978. Though our doors have been open for decades, our story and mission have remained the same; we strive to provide an environment for those with intellectual disabilities to live dignified and joy-filled lives. Because of opportunities like The Miracles, our residents spread our story to individuals all across the nation and inspire others to create a world that is more welcoming and inviting for those with disabilities of all types.

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Why You Should Book The Miracles

When it comes to booking entertainment for your next event, you have endless options, but none of them are likely to be as unique and inspiring as The Miracles. 

We are unique.

Our choir consists of a unique group of individuals who can impact any audience they encounter. The Baddour Center represents a special group of people, and we strongly believe in our mission and values. 

We are nationally recognized.

The Miracles choir members are not only inspiring; they are also tremendously talented individuals who practice and perform on stages around the world among the best musicians of our time.


Book The Baddour Center Miracles

If you’re looking to schedule a group of passionate and musically-talented individuals to perform, we would love to speak with you. Our team at the Baddour Center is passionate about the opportunities we are able to provide our residents, and we are always looking to help impact their lives in a positive way. Contact us today for more information or to schedule The Miracles at your next event.


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