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Tips for Transitioning Your Special Needs Child into Adulthood

Father and son

For any parent, the transition between adolescence and adulthood can be a time of frustration, anxiety, and concern. Whether your child has special needs or not, helping them navigate the world of adulthood and responsibility can feel overwhelming, but know you’re not alone on this journey. If you are the parent or guardian of a special needs individual, know that Baddour and our team are here to help any questions you have regarding the best way to help prepare your child for life as a special needs adult. Here are a few of the ways we encourage you to be an active part of the growth and learning process.

How Do I Parent a Special Needs Adult?

Unlike other adults, your special needs child will need more supervision and life skills training than others his or her age, but like other teenagers and young adults preparing for the real world, he or she will still value patience, love, and support. Here are a few ways to help your special needs child become their best self.

Encourage Individualized Education

While education in our world tends to be standardized and measured according to expectations for how and what each person should learn by specific ages, the reality is that every child and adult should only be expected to perform to the best of their abilities, If your special needs child is learning at a slower pace than you were hoping for, or if they aren’t quite ready to make the transition to living on their own, there are ways to encourage them to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally, but having patience is also key. Be patient and accept that they will grow and learn at their own pace, and seek help from reputable sources that offer education for special needs adults.

Learning Opportunities for Special Needs Adults

One of the ways Baddour helps special needs individuals transition to adulthood is through the SAIL (Skills for Achieving Independent Living) program at The Buckman Center, which offers classes focused on real life skills for independent living, including:

  • Cooking for Special Needs Adults
  • Financial Skills for Special Needs Adults
  • Self-Care and Daily Routine Skills for Special Needs Adults
  • Computer Classes and Skills for Special Needs Adults
  • Reading and Writing Classes for Special Needs Adults


Encourage and Support Independence

If we can impart any advice, it’s to encourage and support independence for special needs individuals. Like anyone else, special needs adults seek to have a space of their own, an outlet to focus their time and energy, and the opportunity to grow intellectually and emotionally. Allowing your loved one the freedom to do so can significantly improve their quality of life.

Independent Living Homes for Special Needs Adults

If family or loved ones are no longer able to care for a special needs individual, or if he or she would like to experience independent living, group homes for special needs adults offer the opportunity to expand their horizons, participate in activities and events specifically for special needs individuals, and improve social skills through new friendships. At Baddour, our residents have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and events they might otherwise miss out on, including:

Baddour gladly offers tours to potential residents and their families who are interested in learning more about our amenities and activities. Schedule your tour today to visit with our assisted living facility and group home for special needs adults.


Jobs for Special Needs Adults

One of the biggest benefits of group homes for special needs adults are the opportunities for growth and learning. At Baddour, our residents are able to obtain employment in Baddour’s Custom Packaging Center as well as the Baddour Garden Center. Employment offers special needs adults the opportunity to earn a living wage, to participate in meaningingful work, and the chance to improve social skills. Our residents are paid a living wage according to U.S. labor laws, and they are able to experience independence and other opportunities that are available to other individuals. Learn more about how our facility works to provide opportunities for special needs adults and their families and what it’s like to live and work at Baddour by scheduling a tour today.




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