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Code of Ethics


The Code of Ethics was adopted by The Baddour Center’s Board of Trustees in 2004, setting forth principles for every aspect of the organization.  It mandates the promotion of honest and ethical conduct, proper disclosure of information, and compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.  The Code of Ethics applies to all employees, officers, and trustees of The Baddour Center and, in certain cases, to its partners, representatives, and agents as well.  The Baddour Center asks all employees to read and understand the Code of Ethics.

Principles and Practices

In performing their duties, all employees, officers, trustees, partners, representatives, and agents must:

  1. Engage in and promote honest and ethical conduct, avoiding any actual or perceptual conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships.
  2. Provide, or cause to be provided, full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure when necessary.
  3. Comply and take all reasonable actions to cause others to comply with applicable governmental laws, rules, and regulations.
  4. Not directly or indirectly participate in any fraudulent action.
  5. Promptly report violations of this Code of Ethics to the Executive Director.

It is The Baddour Center and each employee and trustee’s responsibility to respect and obey the law.  Employees and trustees are not expected to know the details of all laws, rules, and regulations; however, at a minimum, it is important to know enough to determine when to seek advice from supervisors or other Baddour Center Management.  The Executive Director will report material violations of this Code to the Board of Trustees, or its designated team, and recommend appropriate action.  The Board may designate appropriate persons to determine appropriate action, and such action will be reasonably designed to deter wrong-doing and promote accountability for adherence to this Code. 

Failure to observe the terms of this Code may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.  Violations of this Code may also constitute violations of law and may result in civil and criminal penalties.

Organizational Values

The Baddour Center is a Christian ministry founded on the conviction that every person is created in the image of God and, therefore, worthy of dignity and respect.

We embrace these organizational values as guiding principles.  We hold ourselves and each other responsible to support and demonstrate these values in our daily tasks, decisions, and interactions.  We acknowledge that effective communication creates the foundation for these values.

We focus on Quality Customer Service by:

  • Committing to deliver exceptional quality services to residents and families and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Providing personal and friendly attention to residents and their families.
  • Designing programs and services around the needs and expectations of residents and families.
  • Recognizing that customer service is the core competency of our organization.
  • Acknowledging that a sacred trust is invested in Baddour Center when families place their loved ones in our care.
  • Understanding that donors rely on us to be faithful stewards of their financial support.
  • Maintaining commitments to our corporate and retail customers to their highest satisfaction in services and products, resolving service failures expeditiously, and accepting only those projects in which we have complete competence.
  • Maintaining honest and objective relationships with partners, vendors, and other service providers.

We foster an environment of Integrity and Trust by:

  • Recognizing every individual as a person of sacred worth.
  • Respecting others.
  • Taking responsibility for our own actions and results.
  • Encouraging innovation and treating mistakes as learning experiences.

We encourage Teamwork by:

  • Breaking down organizational barriers to solve problems and achieve common goals.
  • Developing and establishing shared vision, mission, goals, and clear roles.
  • Demonstrating trust, respect, and loyalty to each other.
  • Sharing information, ideas, and feelings.
  • Listening carefully and promoting cooperation.
  • Valuing diversity, respecting the past, and planning for the future.
  • Celebrating success.
  • Believing that The Baddour Center should be a source of joy and inspiration for those who live and work here.

We promote and support Employee Excellence by:

  • Investing in employee training and education.
  • Recognizing and rewarding quality performance.
  • Identifying and addressing employee needs and expectations.
  • Providing employees with tools to successfully perform the job and achieve quality outcomes.
  • Placing priority on the safety and security of residents and employees.

Mississippi Vulnerable Adults Act

With a widely-recognized, resident-centered culture and the aforementioned values serving as the foundation for decision-making, we commit to providing residents considerate and respectful care, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, or disability.  Furthermore, The Baddour Center will not tolerate:

  • Abuse (any type – physical, verbal, emotional)
  • Neglect
  • Exploitation, including accepting gifts from or selling items to residents

The Mississippi Vulnerable Adults Act defines illegal and inappropriate actions involving persons with intellectual disabilities, and the Department of Human Services is the governmental body that addresses such issues or concerns.  Any case of substantiated abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation can and will be prosecuted according to the law.  Anyone directly observing or becoming aware of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation, and failing to report it will also be held liable.


The Baddour Center is charged with safeguarding information so that only those with a need to know receive information.  Information must be related to the business at hand.  Employees, officers, trustees, partners, representatives, and agents must maintain the confidentiality of all information entrusted to them.  Exceptions include when disclosure is authorized or legally permitted; however, disclosure and use of such information must be for legitimate purposes.  All information relating to residents is CONFIDENTIAL and only employees with a “need to know” will be provided access to said information.

The Baddour Center, as an employer and custodian of residents’ medical information, is responsible for any breaches of the privacy regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Any information that discloses a diagnosis or leads to assumptions of a diagnosis may be shared only with “those who have a need to know” in the performance of their job as it relates to the resident, the employee, or compliance with a law.

Protection and Proper Use of Assets

All employees, officers, and trustees should protect The Baddour Center’s assets and ensure their efficient use.  Except for incidental personal use, assets of The Baddour Center should be dedicated to legitimate business only.  It is never acceptable to use a corporate credit card for personal use, and corporate expense accounts should be used only for business in accordance with policy.  The obligation to protect assets includes intellectual property, business and marketing plans, databases, records, salary information, and unpublished reports.  Unauthorized use or distribution of this information is prohibited. 

No bribes, kickbacks, or similar payments or consideration are directly or indirectly to be given or offered by any employee, officer, trustee, partner, representative, or agent of The Baddour Center to any individual, organization, government, political party, or any other entity or its representatives for any reason, or vice versa.

Employee Matters

The Baddour Center is firmly committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunity for employees and residents.  Everyone will be treated without discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, or disability.  No person shall be refused employment, promotion, transfer, compensation, benefits, or any other term or condition of employment based on any of these characteristics.  Sexual harassment in any form and conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment is prohibited at The Baddour Center.  In addition, the health and safety of employees is one of The Baddour Center’s greatest concerns.  The Baddour Center is to provide a healthy, drug-free, safe, and efficient workplace and business environment for employees and residents.  Employees are prohibited from engaging in the illegal use, transfer, sale, or possession of drugs and abusing prescription drugs while on the job.


The Baddour Center requires honest and accurate recording of information in order to provide accurate reports and make responsible business decisions.  All books, records, accounts, and financial statements must be maintained in reasonable detail, appropriately reflect the Center’s transactions, and conform to both applicable legal requirements and the system of internal controls.  Unrecorded or “off the book” funds or assets should not be maintained unless permitted by law.  All employee business expense accounts must be documented and recorded accurately.  Business records and communications often become public, and employees should strive to be clear and concise, avoiding exaggeration, derogatory remarks, guesswork, and inappropriate characterizations of others.  This principle applies equally to email, internal memoranda, and formal reports. 

Records should always be retained or destroyed in accordance with The Center’s record retention policy.

Reporting Illegal or Unethical Behavior

Employees are encouraged to speak to their supervisors about observed illegal or unethical behavior, including existing and potential violations of this Code of Ethics and if or when in doubt about the best course of action to take in a particular situation.  Failure to report existing and potential violations is also a violation of this Code.  The Baddour Center shall protect employees, who in good faith report misconduct by others, from retaliation.  Employees are expected to cooperate in internal investigations of misconduct.

Compliance Procedures

All employees, officers, and trustees are expected to read, understand, and comply with the principles contained in the Code of Ethics, as well as all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and The Baddour Center policies, procedures, and guidelines.

It is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise, so employees should keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure you have all the facts.
  • Ask yourself:  What specifically am I being asked to do, and does it seem unethical or improper?
  • Clarify your responsibility and role.
  • Discuss your concern with your supervisor.
  • Seek help from the Director of Human Resources.
  • You may report ethical violations in confidence without fear of retaliation.
  • Always ask before acting.

An employee who is unsure of whether a situation violates the Code of Ethics should discuss the situation with his or her supervisor or a designated Baddour Center representative to prevent possible misunderstanding and embarrassment later.

If an employee becomes aware of any violation of the Code of Ethics, law, or regulation, it is critical that the employee communicate this to the appropriate individuals for correction.  Apparent violations will be fully investigated and resolved.

Any employee who engages in unlawful activities or violates the Code of Ethics or any other Baddour Center policy is subject to disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal.  Remember, if an employee is unsure of what to do in any situation, the best course of action is to seek guidance before acting.

Employees wishing to report violations of the Code of Ethics or other concerns that may indicate unlawful activities at The Baddour Center may do so confidentially by calling the Ethics Hotline at 662-562-0100, ext. 444.