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  • Is Baddour financially stable?  
    • Yes. The Baddour Center celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018 and has proven through the years to be a good steward of the funds entrusted to it.  We maintain an endowment, thanks to the generous support of many families and friends, which helps ensure Baddour’s continued ministry.  Growth is largely the focus of many current strategic objectives.  


  • Does Baddour have a waiting list?
    • We currently have a waiting list for both males and females, but we are accepting applications to be added to the waiting list.  Please refer to the Admissions page for additional information.  


  • What does Baddour cost?
    • Our pricing structures are based on residents’ programmatic needs and living arrangements.  For example, our Assisted Living Facility naturally costs more than our independent living arrangement, and the rate for a private bedroom/bathroom living arrangement differs from a shared bedroom/bathroom arrangement.     

For the 2020-2021 fiscal year, base tuition costs range from $2,935/month (for the Regular Program) to $3,260/month (for the Assisted Living Facility). Historically, these rates increase 1-3% per year.  

We also offer Day Client services at a cost of $510/month.  

We typically offer a 2% discount for paying tuition one year in advance.  

Our Admissions Team will gladly answer more detailed questions about the various arrangements.


  • Is tuition assistance available?  
    • Yes, we do annually budget an amount for tuition assistance; however, this is exclusively reserved for persons whom have lived at Baddour Center for years and started to exhaust their funds. New residents are unable to access this assistance.  


  • Does Baddour accept Medicaid Waiver funding?  
    • No. We remain privately-funded and are not eligible for Medicaid funding.  


  • Does Baddour provide respite services?
    • Yes, we do. While respite services are not formally outlined on this site, please refer to the “Admissions” page and contact us for additional information.  


  • How long does someone typically live at Baddour?
    • Baddour’s very first resident still lives here, and we have many long-time residents. On the flip side, some persons live with us for a year or two, using their time at Baddour as a learning opportunity or stepping stone for their next stage in life. In short, this varies greatly. Some persons are looking for a lifetime of care, while others are seeking a “college experience.”  


  • Does Baddour offer a lifetime of care?  
    • We cannot guarantee a lifetime of care, as each person’s “end of life” situation is different. We work very closely with families to ensure that a continuum of care is available and provided. In 2013, after consultation with the Mississippi Department of Health, we introduced a 20-bed licensed Assisted Living Facility.  Since then, we have also introduced hospice care and palliative support. These measures are in direct response to families who wish for Baddour to support their loved ones aging in place.   


  • Does Baddour require me to obtain guardianship for my loved one?  
    • No, guardianship is not required for residency. All families must, however, complete and submit a future plan for their family member.  


  • Does Baddour provide medical services?  
    • Yes, we do. Baddour employs a Family Nurse Practitioner as well as licensed nursing personnel to routinely address and monitor medical conditions and medication administration. Additionally, we partner with regional medical specialists to most effectively meet residents’ medical needs. Our Health Services Team often communicates with families, doing its best to keep you well-informed.  


  • Does Baddour provide transportation?  
    • Yes, we have a fleet of vehicles, ranging from an on-campus, resident-operated golf tram to cars and vans to an MCI bus, most often used by our choir, The Miracles.  All on-campus transportation is included in the base cost. We do charge fees for off-campus transportation.  

Also, we are located approximately 35 miles from the Memphis International Airport, which is a significant benefit to out-of-state families whose loved ones fly home.  Baddour’s full-time Transportation Specialists have an excellent relationship with airport personnel, making your loved one’s airport experience safer and more pleasant.  

We do not provide transportation for day clients.


  • Does Baddour permit male/female relationships? 
    • We acknowledge that such relationships are often a key aspect of the resident experience and welcome and support these as long as they are appropriate and do not negatively impact other residents. On a related note, we do not currently serve married residents or offer coed homes.  


  • How often can families visit Baddour Center?
    • Families are welcome here anytime. Most often, they first contact their loved one’s Case Manager to make sure he or she is not at work or in an activity or off-campus; however, this is certainly not a requirement. Come see us!  

On a related note, we love visitors, period.  So, if you’re not the parent of a resident yet would like to visit or tour, contact us! We will arrange to show you our beautiful campus.