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Fashion Show


Forty-one years ago, The Baddour Center Ladies Auxiliary, comprised of women from Senatobia and Memphis, had the vision for an exciting new fundraiser for Baddour.  The first Baddour Center Fashion Show was held in 1979 at The Peabody in Memphis.  The Ladies Auxiliary established The Fashion Show as a way to get the community involved in The Baddour Center’s mission to provide a residential community for men and women with intellectual disabilities.  Thanks to a fabulous friend of The Baddour Center, Barbara Michael, a professional model who lived in Senatobia, The Fashion Show was off to a great start.  With Barbara’s help, many professional models, wonderful stores, and the lovely Babbie Lovett were introduced to The Fashion Show and The Baddour Center.  

Mrs. Jane Baddour, one of the founding members of the Ladies Auxiliary stated, “The Fashion Show was THE event of the year for so many people.  Everyone has always loved being able to support The Baddour Center while enjoying this wonderful event.” 

We are so excited to be able to have our 41st Annual Fashion Show virtually with all of you!  We can’t thank all of our long-time loyal supporters of The Fashion Show for their continued generosity and encouragement.

2020 Virtual Show: Bright Lights, Big City



American Snuff Company

Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance

Lakewood Dental


SoCo Hernando – Hernando, MS

Frugal Frocks – Senatobia, MS

Blossoms – Batesville, MS

The Co-Op – Batesville, MS



Daren "Sweet Pea" is lively, smart and a fashionably aware young man.  His favorite designer is Ralph Lauren.  His is from Oxford, Ohio, and has been a member of our Baddour family for the past 25 years.  He loves horses and is an active participant in the Southern Reins Equine therapy program.  He loves to sing and is most helpful around his house always willing to please his DSP staff.  His favorite time of the year is Christmas, and his favorite pastime is watching re-runs of the Golden Girls.


Michael is from Huntsville, AL and has called Baddour “home away from home”  for the past 10 months.  Michael loves Alabama football and keeping up with football schedules and stats.  He has an infectious smile and enjoys dancing and performing.  As an outdoorsman, Michael enjoys taking long walks around campus and fishing in one of the Center’s three ponds.  


Payson is from Memphis, TN and has lived at The Center for the past 8 years.  He loves spending time with friends and family and doesn’t miss a chance to take advantage of all activities and events offered.  He is an active member of the Center’s traveling choir, The Miracles.  In addition to singing, other artistic talents include: performing in Center productions, playing the guitar, art classes and has even tried his hand at creative writing. 


Forrest is from Senatobia, MS and has taken advantage of the Center’s day client program for the past 13 years.  Forrest enjoys his job in Baddour Custom Packaging and spending time with his coworkers and friends.  He is a huge Auburn Tigers fan, loves driving his golf cart, and being in the great outdoors.  Forrest enjoys staying fit by working out.


Carrie hails from Collinsville, IL and has been a member of our Baddour family for the past 32 years.  She is very creative and is an exceptionally talented young lady having painted numerous works of art that are the envy of all her teachers.  She is an active member of The Center’s performing arts program and is a contributing member of the Wonder Players with numerous lead roles in Baddour productions.  She stays fit by taking long walks around campus and she is so excited to be modeling in her very first Fashion Show. 


Erin is from Seminole, FL and has been a member of our Baddour family for the past 25 years.  Erin’s beautiful smile and love for “looking good and fashionable” makes her an excellent participant in any Fashion Show.  This is not her first debut as a model, having walked the big runway at the Hilton, Memphis.  Her laugh is contagious making her a favorite among her peers.  Such a people person as she enjoys hanging out with all her friends on campus and cruising around on her bike.  She also has a stellar reputation for being a voracious shopper. 


Camille is from Memphis, TN and has lived at The Baddour Center for the past 6 years.  Camille is such a social butterfly as she enjoys everything Baddour has to offer!  You say go and she is ready, willing and able.  She loves horses and is an active participant in the Southern Reins equine therapy program.  She also enjoys Special Olympic sports including track and field events, powerlifting, and swimming.  With such an empathy for others, she offers up free medical advice that she gets from her Mom whenever anyone isn’t feeling well.  Camille has modeled in past Baddour Fashion shows and as a social butterfly; she is always out and about riding her bike, hanging out with friends, and taking advantage of all off on and off campus activities.    


Karen is from Memphis, TN and has lived at Baddour for the past 27 years. She enjoys traveling with Baddour Center’s choir, The Miracles.  Over the years, Karen has earned her way on the highly desired Star Trip, participated in Special Olympics events, and even walked the runway in previous Baddour Fashion shows.  Weekends, you can find Karen socializing with friends and watching old movies.  She is very excited about her upcoming move to one of the newly renovated homes on campus.

Anne Marie

Anne Marie is from Columbus, Georgia and has called The Baddour Center her “home away from home” for the past 32 years.  Anne Marie enjoys her independence and lives in one of The Center’s transitional homes on campus, the Manor.  Anne Marie has been a significant contributor to the success of the Center’s on-campus Garden Center.  She enjoys getting her hands dirty by performing all tasks required of a greenhouse employee including interacting/assisting the customers.  Anne Marie enjoys singing and traveling with The Center’s choir, The Miracles and is no stranger to this modeling gig, having walked the runway in several fashion shows.   She is especially fond of and quite the expert at crocheting.  In fact, she has gifted many family members and friends with one of her masterpieces. 

Hearts in Motion Performers








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