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Fashion Show


Forty-two years ago, The Baddour Center Ladies Auxiliary, comprised of women from Senatobia and Memphis, had the vision for an exciting new fundraiser for Baddour.  The first Baddour Center Fashion Show was held in 1979 at The Peabody in Memphis.  The Ladies Auxiliary established The Fashion Show as a way to get the community involved in The Baddour Center’s mission to provide a residential community for men and women with intellectual disabilities.  Thanks to a fabulous friend of The Baddour Center, Barbara Michael, a professional model who lived in Senatobia, The Fashion Show was off to a great start.  With Barbara’s help, many professional models, wonderful stores, and the lovely Babbie Lovett were introduced to The Fashion Show and The Baddour Center.  

Mrs. Jane Baddour, one of the founding members of the Ladies Auxiliary stated, “The Fashion Show was THE event of the year for so many people.  Everyone has always loved being able to support The Baddour Center while enjoying this wonderful event.” 

We are so excited to be able to have our 42nd Annual Fashion Show virtually with all of you!  We can’t thank all of our long-time loyal supporters of The Fashion Show for their continued generosity and encouragement.

2021 Virtual Show 


A&H Glass

Crews Family Foundation

Lipscomb & Pitts

Personal Pharmacy Care

Sycamore Bank

Tri-Vista Rehab 

Watkins Uiberall, PLLC


Blossoms, Batesville, MS

Janie Rose Boutique, Southaven, MS

SoCo Silo Square, Southaven, MS



Amanda joined The Baddour Center community in June of 2017 and lives in the Tupelo Home. Amanda often introduces herself to visitors on campus, and she might even ask you for the time. She likes to sync her wristwatch to be certain she maintains her schedule! And punctuality is just what she needs to be able to work on various jobs in the Vocational Program and participate in Community Life activities. Some of her favorites are going for ice cream and attending Sunday services at Baddour Memorial Chapel. Amanda has a beautiful smile that shines all over campus and served her well as a former Baddour Homecoming Princess.  


Andy lives in the Greenwood Home and has called Baddour home for 17 years.  Andy loves adventure and staying active.  He enjoys planning trips and traveling with his family.  On campus, he enjoys socializing with his friends, playing video games, and going to Community Life activities, but one of his all-time favorite hobbies is performing.  Andy loves to be on stage, and you will find him performing in Talent Shows and the Wonder Players each year.  Andy is an amazing actor and in the past, he has taken on lead roles in Baddour’s plays.  Andy is also a very loyal sports fan. You can always find him supporting his LSU Tigers. 


Derek moved to The Baddour Center in June of 1992. Though Derek initially appears quiet, he is a wonderful friend, especially to his best friend Jimmy Richards. The duo is often seen walking around campus, watching football together, or fishing in one of three lakes on The Baddour Center’s campus. Derek has participated in past Baddour Fishing Rodeos, too. Quite the athlete, Derek is a leader on multiple Special Olympic teams for Baddour, including basketball and flag football. Derek is a hard worker for Baddour Custom Packaging where he serves as a Production Floor Helper. He recently moved into one of the brand new transitional homes that were completed in 2021, and he loves having his own room.


Kelsey joined the Baddour community in June of 2021. A former Firehouse Subs employee, Kelsey joined the Baddour Custom Packaging team from the beginning and has tried a variety of jobs, including one of the newest contracts: Klean Kult. She enjoys listening to music, attending Broadway plays, watching Netflix, and is a choir member in The Miracles, Baddour’s traveling choir. Kelsey has quickly immersed herself in campus life, including strolling the roadways with friends, cooking for her housemates at Schneider Cottage, and going to Community Life activities.


A resident since February of 1989, Margaret is known around campus for her sweet spirit and was nominated by her housemates to represent them as a Homecoming Princess multiple times in previous years. She is also known for her kindness and willingness to help. She asks everyone she meets how they are doing and genuinely listens, then wishes them well or offers to help.  She is an avid letter writer and has been recruited to help the Advancement Team send thank you notes to donors in the past. A former Baddour Custom Packaging worker, Margaret now enjoys her retirement years in the Enrichment Program. She loves fashion, so it’s no surprise that she is modeling today and also goes on the ladies off-campus shopping activities with Community Life. She has a wide range of interests and enjoys being on-the-go. Activities she regularly attends include going to the Tobie Movie Theater, playing Bingo, shopping at Books-A-Million, and participating in the newest activity: Saturday morning energizers! She is a member of the campus Book Club and can often be found reading books in the Community Life library. She is particularly fond of romance novels.


Mark is an avid University of Alabama fan and is often seen sporting Crimson Tide colors while he walks around campus. Mark moved into the Cleveland Home at The Baddour Center in May of 2021, and in his few short months, Mark has participated in both the SAIL Program and Vocational Program. He goes the Computer Lab every day that it is open, where he is learning to use emails and really likes to receive photos of his beloved dog Finn. In his free time, Mark enjoys watching movies, especially at the Tobie Movie Theater, perusing books in the Community Life Library, cheering on his Alabama football team, and listening to a wide variety of musical genres. Holidays are some of Mark’s favorite days, and he eagerly awaits the gifts he receives on his birthday, Easter, and Christmas each year. A fun fact about Mark is that he is a dual citizen of the United States and England.


Phyllis moved to the Baddour community in February of 2021 and has found many things to love, especially the activities on the Community Life monthly calendar. She has taken art classes, which has resulted in her making jewelry on her own time. She also earned so many stars for her involvement across campus that she already had the opportunity to go on the annual McRae Foundation Star Trip her very first year at Baddour. What an honor! Phyllis stays connected with her family using her cell phone and visits on the weekends as a local Tate Countian, but she enjoys having her own independence at Baddour, especially earning money through the Vocational Program and making financial choices through recreation opportunities and shopping, which is one of her favorite things to do!


A California native, Raymond has called The Baddour Center home since 1990. That’s three decades of living independently from his parents.  His favorite thing about Baddour is his job, and boy, does he take his job seriously! Raymond is a Production Floor Helper, and if you have ever been on a tour, you might have seen him giving his signature stance to visitors where he points to the ceiling Saturday Night Fever style – all from behind a pallet jack! He will happily tell guests about his job, including how many boxes it takes to fill the pallet before it heads to the back of the warehouse, or show you how fast he is with the tape gun. Raymond also participates in Baddour’s powerlifting Special Olympics team, and he enjoys going bowling, to Broken Cup Café, and on shopping outings with Community Life.


Susan moved to The Baddour Center in 2002. This is not her first walk down The Baddour Center’s Fashion Show runway, but she brightens the stage with her grace and beauty each time. From attending practice in the Baddour gym to traveling for games, Susan is a cheerleader for her friends on Baddour’s Special Olympic teams.  When she’s not hanging out with her housemates at The Manor or working for Baddour Custom Packaging, Susan is often seen walking and laughing with friends around campus, and she enjoys going on shopping activities, especially at Target, and to Applebee’s for date night with her boyfriend Sam.


A resident since 2005, Victor is known for being a social butterfly around campus. This year, he proudly saw both of his brothers get married and brought photos back to show off to friends and staff. He is an avid sports fan, particularly all college teams from North Carolina, his home state. It’s unbelievable how he keeps track of numerous teams across the country for football, basketball, and baseball, and he is quick to point out if your team won or lost over the weekend when he visits on Monday. When Victor is not in the sports zone, he enjoys watching movies, especially one of his favorites, A Christmas Story. He might surprise you and show up in his Ralphie Easter bunny costume or tell you about the leg lamp in his room. Victor’s favorite thing about Baddour is going to Community Life activities, such as Tobie Movies and Memphis Redbirds games, and he has his own section of the resident newsletter titled “You Know” where he shares the latest campus news.



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