Paul Baddour passed away in 1973, leaving to his family through his will a generous sum of money and a charge to them to use this money for a charitable purpose. With gifts from business associates, friends and family, Baddour Memorial Center was founded in December of 1978 in memory of Paul Baddour.

Baddour Memorial Center - now called simply The Baddour Center - began with five residents but now has the capacity to serve over 150  men and women who live on campus and additional clients who live in the surrounding communities. Baddour residents represent states all across our nation.

While our logos have changed through the years, our mission has not. Since its inception, The Baddour Center has held steadfast to its vision of ensuring an environment where men and women with intellectual disabilities lead lives of dignity and hope. Through opportunities made available to them by The Baddour Center, residents achieve goals, develop lifelong friendships, and reach their full potential.