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Host a Heart to Heart

A Heart to Heart with Baddour event, or simply a Heart To Heart (H2H), is just what the name implies. Baddour employees, and often residents and/or their families, sit down and share with you - and your guests - The Baddour Center's mission and its impact on men and women with intellectual disabilities - from our heart to yours.

What is a Heart to Heart?

Each event is unique to the person or group hosting it. Although we welcome an opportunity to speak with hundreds of families of individuals with intellectual disabilities and those serving them, we prefer small, group settings for Heart to Hearts.

Through a more personal setting, we hope to create a comfortable atmosphere in which it is safe to share experiences and encourage questions and answers. We know there is often a lack of information about post-high school opportunities and options for persons with intellectual disabilities. It is for this reason that we aim to provide you and your guests with the information necessary to consider The Baddour Center as an option for your loved one or recommend us to someone you know.

During a Heart to Heart, you and your guests will hear from Baddour employees and other representatives, such as residents and/or their families, about our mission and the impact we have made during our nearly 38 years of service.

Baddour employees will facilitate the event. In addition to hearing about The Center's history, mission, and available programs and services, you will see a video with photos of The Baddour Center campus and residents participating in numerous activities. You will hear first-hand from a resident and/or his or her family, and you and your guests will have an opportunity to ask questions. The event generally ends following the last question, whether that takes 30 minutes or 3 hours.

Why a Heart to Heart?

Simply put, a Heart to Heart is a laid-back conversation among friends about The Baddour Center. They are usually inexpensive to conduct, and the flexibility in design allows us to tailor events to focus on potential residents, vocational partners, or donors.

Who hosts Heart to Hearts?

People who are interested in the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities make ideal hosts. Families of persons with intellectual disabilities, persons in charge of church-sponsored special needs programs, and teachers or other educators who work with persons with intellectual disabilities and their families are good examples.

Where are Heart to Hearts hosted?

Heart to Hearts can be held in a variety of locations, including an individual's home, a meeting room at church or school, or just about anywhere! Because each event is unique, the host(s) has the opportunity to select the most appropriate venue.

How do I host a Heart to Heart?

We will be happy to help you plan a Heart to Heart or answer any questions you have. Give us a call today!

Cassie Smith
Resident Recruitment & Admissions
Direct: 662.366.6928
662.562.0100, ext 244