Housing Options for Special Needs Adults

Homes for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Group homes for intellectually disabled adults offer the ability to gain more independence and forge lasting friendships with peers while also providing peace of mind for families who can rest assured their loved one is safe and well cared for. There are many group homes and assisted living facilities around the country that offer housing options for adults with intellectual disabilities, but not all of them offer the same amenities, programs, and access to medical services and employment opportunities.

Some special needs adults choose group homes as a way to gain independence and expand their experiences and opportunities. Others choose to live in homes for adults with special needs for a limited time to create a specialized form of the college experience. Whether your loved one is seeking more independence or your family is unable to provide the amount of care and services a group home can, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a future home for your loved one. Explore housing options for adults with intellectual disabilities, and learn more about premier homes for special needs adults around the country.



What Should I Look For in a Home for Special Needs Adults?

When touring group homes for intellectually disabled individuals, keep in mind that the more amenities offered, the more opportunities your loved one will have to experience an abundant and fulfilling life. Are the facilities and grounds well kept? Are staff courteous and friendly? How much experience do employees and staff have working with special needs adults? How many resources are available for the intellectually disabled? Are staff dedicated to working solely with individuals with special needs, or is your loved one the only resident who will need special treatment? These are also things to keep in mind while touring a potential home for your loved one.

1. Educational Opportunities for Individuals with Special Needs

There are many opportunities for special needs adults to begin or continue educational endeavors related to an academic field of study such as English, History, Science, Mathematics, foreign languages, and more. There are also services that provide specialized social and behavior training for adults with special needs who are interested in learning more about independent living.

Academic Learning for Special Needs Adults

The Buckman Enrichment Activity Center at Baddour offers a functional academics program that provides instruction for special needs adults interesting in reading, writing, basic math, and more. Classes are held in a state-of-the-art classroom featuring iPads and Promethean boards each weekday from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

Social and Behavioral Training for Special Needs Adults

Life skills and training are necessary for adults with special needs who are interested in living on their own. Skills such as cooking, laundry, balancing a checkbook, using a computer, maintaining a daily hygiene routine, and more are all aspects of Baddour’s SAIL (Skills for Achieving Independent Living) program, which provides both classroom training and real life training alongside a Direct Support Professional who reinforces skills learned in the classroom.

2. Recreational Facilities Created with Special Needs in Mind

One of the best indicators of the level of commitment to care a facility provides is the availability of health and wellness facilities. Areas dedicated to physical fitness and the opportunity to participate in athletic activities are an essential part of what makes life at Baddour so unique. With an abundance of both on- and off-campus activities available to our residents, Baddour offers a variety or recreational fun that is intended to build both physical endurance and stamina and relationships among friends.

Fitness Centers for Special Needs

A fitness center that offers an abundance of equipment is one of the most overlooked aspects of a group home for special needs individuals. Baddour’s fitness center offers a variety of equipment to help residents meet their fitness goals, including treadmills, stairmasters, cross-trainers, weight-lifting equipment, and more. Residents are able to set goals and earn rewards for meeting them, and physical limitations are considered with personalized fitness programs. Our aerobic indoor swimming pool also offers an opportunity to gain strength and build endurance under the supervision of a lifeguard.

Special Olympics Events

The Special Olympics are one of the most well-known events associated with special needs individuals. Special Olympics events include a variety of team and individual sports, and medals are awarded to the top performing athletes around the country. The opportunity to participate in Special Olympics events and to experience the thrill of being part of an intramural sports program is a benefit to adults with special needs. At Baddour, our residents are able to participate in a variety of Special Olympics sports, including:

  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Flag Football
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Weightlifting

Baddour residents have traveled to local and regional Special Olympics events to compete, and some have also been invited to participate in international Special Olympics events around the world.

Live Sporting Events and Other Trips

In addition to participating in athletic activities and Special Olympics events, Baddour residents also have the opportunity to adventure off-campus on guided tours to nearby movie theaters and concert venues, professional sporting events, and local shopping centers and other area attractions.

3. On-Site Medical Care

Medical care is an important component of life at a home for special needs adults. On-site medical care allows family and friends to have peace of mind knowing their loved one has access to medical facilities and treatments, including mental health care providers and support staff. Residents of Baddour have access to a Family Nurse Practitioner and licensed nursing personnel who provide medical care, administer medications, treat new and existing conditions, and address medical concerns. The Baddour Center is also able to provide emergency medical services to residents through local hospitals and facilities.

4. Community Groups

Community and the opportunity to get involved in various programs is essential to the intellectual growth and social development of adults with special needs. While quality time spent with family is important to the wellbeing of individuals with special needs, the opportunity to interact with peers offers a unique experience that can foster friendships and improve social and behavioral skills.

The Miracles

The Miracles are a group of nationally-recognized singers with intellectual disabilities who perform as a choir for groups around the country. Members attend weekly practices and have traveled thousands of miles for dozens of performances over the past five years alone. Live performances by The Miracles can be scheduled for churches, libraries, and other groups. Learn more about the group and purchase CDs online, or schedule an event featuring The Miracles.


Performing and Creative Arts

Special needs adults have the opportunity to participate in a variety of performing and creative arts, and their intellectual disabilities do not impede their natural gifts and talents for singing, dancing, performing, playing instruments, writing, and more. At Baddour, residents are active in a variety of creative outlets, including:

  • Art Classes + Art Lessons
  • Book Club
  • Creative Writing
  • Music Classes
  • Performing Arts
  • Recitals
  • Talent Shows

Music Therapy for Special Needs Adults

Music therapy is a unique form of therapy that combines the therapeutic use of music along with social, behavioral, and psychological training. Music therapy has been shown to encourage intellectual development, stimulation, and growth in children and adults with special needs. Music therapy sessions can be offered in both a private and group environment to encourage socialization and to improve sensory and motor skills. Baddour Center offers music therapy for residents in both a private and group capacity. The sessions are offered by professionally-trained and a certified musical therapist who works with residents to implement social and behavioral skills into their daily lives.

5. Job Opportunities for Special Needs Adults

Special needs adults can participate in part-time or full-time job opportunities, depending on their level of intellectual development, social skills, training, and more. Baddour’s residents who choose to pursue employment earn a paycheck and are entitled to the same rights as any other employee as established by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Baddour Garden Center

Baddour’s Garden Center offers job opportunities for residents seeking meaningful and lasting employment through various roles. Baddour residents who work in the Baddour Garden Center are essential to the daily operations of the nursery and store, which are open to the public. From tending the abundance of flowers and plants available for sale to helping customers, residents working in the Baddour Garden Center are able to experience independence and intellectual growth through the opportunity to earn a paycheck, learn specialized skills, and interact with the community and members of the public.

Baddour Custom Packaging Center

The Baddour Custom Packaging Center offers residents the opportunity to participate in meaningful employment in conjunction with Fortune 500 companies, local businesses, and more. Residents working in the Baddour Custom Packaging Center work in a variety of capacities, including fulfillment, distribution, storage, and warehousing for manufacturing and distribution entities. With dozens of employees and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, the Baddour Custom Packaging Center can complete all of your packaging and distribution needs. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 boxes to pack and ship, employees working in the Custom Packaging Center have the ability to efficiently and skillfully complete the task.


Home for Special Needs Adults

Baddour residents have come to our facility from near and far. With state-of-the-art facilities, meaningful employment opportunities, an abundance of amenities and activities, and the opportunity to pursue independent living in a safe environment, Baddour Center is the premier group home for special needs adults in Mississippi. Residents and their families are able to find peace of mind and fulfilling lives through our center and services. If you or a loved one would like to receive a guided tour of our facilities, or if you would like to meet our residents and learn more about us, schedule a tour today. We love visitors!