Mr. Parke Pepper, Executive Director 662-366-6920 or Email

Mrs. Tricia P. Melvin, Chief Operations Officer 662-366-6945 or Email

Mrs. Melissa Baker, Director of Community Life 662-366-6917 or Email

Mrs. Kristin Goode, Director of Education and Behavioral Supports 662-366-6902 or Email

Mrs. Jennifer Bouchillon, Director of Finance & Accounting 662-366-6938 or Email

Mrs. Jennie "Lou" Pryor, Director of Health Services 662-366-6923 or Email

Mrs. Sharon Perry, Director of Human Resources 662-366-6922 or Email

Mr. Richie Ayers, Director of Physical Plant 662-366-6936 or Email

   Mrs. April Caccavano, Director of Residential Services 662-366-6940 or Email

Mrs. Kristi Webb, Director of Vocational Services 662-366-6908 or Email

 Mr. Jesse Winters, Director of Advancement 662-366-6929 or Email

Board of Trustees

Mr. Jim Ainsworth

Mr. Mark Allen

Mr. Don Baddour

Mr. Paul Baddour

Rev. Jim Genesse

Mrs. Margy Graham

Mr. Jonathan Hancock

Dr. Carole Haney

Mr. Tom Hunt

Mr. David Peck

Mr. Parke Pepper

Mr. Don Scipper

Mr. John Spooner

Mrs. Judy Starkey

Bishop James E. Swanson

Mr. Phil Swift

Mrs. Shea Veazey

Rev. Vickie White

Mr. Press York