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Supported Employment

The Vocational Services Division offers supportive employment and training to all residents of The Baddour Center. Our philosophy is that through meaningful employment opportunities, Baddour residents learn valuable life skills and provide excellent service. Residents also enjoy earning a paycheck for their hard work, and compensation for all jobs is set in accordance with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Download this PDF to learn more about how residents are paid or watch this third party video.

Baddour Custom Packaging

Baddour Custom Packaging provides fulfillment, distribution, storage, and warehousing for many businesses, ranging from independently-owned stores to Fortune 100 companies. We also staff a full-service transportation department that picks up and delivers products in the Memphis area. Baddour Custom Packaging provides supported employment that helps residents learn skills like efficiency, productivity, and quality assurance.

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The Horticulture Program

Our Horticulture Program provides supported employment in wholesale and retail settings. The Baddour Garden Center allows residents to serve the community, earn income, and develop new skills through tending our gardens. We also offer service positions in the Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping, Fleet and Facilities, and Food Distribution departments.

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Baddour Center residents can participate in supported employment programs, community employment, or VOCARE. VOCARE is a vocational assistance program that provides a person-centered approach to finding the right type of employment for each individual. The mission of our program is to:

  • Assist residents in determining their vocational potential, strengths, and limitations 
  • Help individuals make vocational choices 
  • Find training programs for residents in order to make their vocational choices a reality

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